Firm Structure & Management

An unfortunate fact of the law profession is that not all great attorneys are great business people.  As a result, many firms that should be thriving are floundering under management and compensation structures that may actually be working against them. 
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This often happens when the firm’s day-to-day operations, management structure, and compensation plan fail to line up with the financial objectives and goals of the business itself. Even firms with plenty of business coming in the door may be blind to the fact that the way their people are incentivized is at cross purposes with the direction in which they would like the business to be moving.

How I can help.

I personally have managed a large downtown San Francisco firm, a corporate legal department, several smaller firms, and I have consulted on management issues with many others. I can quickly analyze the challenges you are facing in your practice and provide a specific, cost-effective plan to address those challenges in a way that works for your specific circumstances, group of attorneys and employees, type of practice, financial constraints, etc. We can structure our relationship as a simple check-up and review of systems or a detailed analysis and solution for urgent or persistent problems.

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